Meet the Team

Meet the team


Ray Somich


We call our CEO a “Marketing Guru,” but he simply says his 40 years working every aspect of marketing and advertising – from creative logo, tag line and campaign development to branding to positioning to media placement to training – has given him real experience to add the highest value to others. A loyal disciple of Roy Williams, Ray understands how to impact the brain to receive desired responses. He is a sought after business consultant and speaker, not only on advertising and media, but also on leadership and values. Ray is a passionate advocate for the entrepreneurial spirit and has dedicated his life to supporting and strengthening his community, especially local small businesses.

Carl White

VP, Sales

Carl is a 38 year veteran of major market media, with extensive experience in radio, television, and digital marketing. His campaigns, voice, and creative concepts are currently seen or heard on multiple media outlets in Cleveland, Ohio and many other markets across Ohio and the country.

Kirk Stonebrook

VP, Business Development

A long time entrepreneur and multiple Fast Track 50 award recipient; Kirk was raised in the industrial sector, honed in the strategic planning arena, and polished off in the world of non-profit development. Whether fasteners or philanthropy, Mr. Stonebrook has consistently achieved top 10% sales success in his markets. At this stage of his career he enjoys working with other entities to maximize steady, sustainable growth through proven multi-platform marketing strategies. Kirk believes that extraordinary customers are the direct result of extraordinary customer service. Simply put: Under promise and over deliver!

Camilla D’Andrea

Project Manager

Spirit Media is blessed to have someone with Camilla’s marketing experience and deep understanding of the community’s needs. In her 28 years with our company, Ms. D’Andrea has worn every hat imaginable in the marketing and advertising realms.
Everyone knows and loves Camilla for her positive attitude. And no wonder because faith, family, and friends guide her daily approach to life.
As our “Master of Fulfillment” as we like to call her, Camilla comes to work every day with one goal – “How can I enhance the customer experience today?” She knows that getting an order is only the beginning of a long relationship. In short, she aims to serve you!