We tailor radio, print, signage and digital experiences for your brand, helping you stand out in a world filled with noise.

Who is Spirit Media?


Spirit Media is a locally-owned and managed business that was born purely to serve a need. Many small and medium-sized local organizations need to stretch their advertising, marketing and public relations budgets. Many of these need to find ways to get their business, message, product or service directly in front of masses of people. Many of these are too busy to coordinate their own promotional efforts properly, and consequently waste money as they present an inconsistent advertising message. Our team of professionals is experienced in marketing & advertising, and knowledgeable on our local community.


What specifically can Spirit Media do for our business or organization?


Since every organization is different, we will first review your entity – what you look like and how you are perceived in the community. Then we analyze opportunities to increase your awareness and revenues, and discuss where your best potential areas are for short and long term business growth.  After reviewing your previous advertising, marketing and public relations efforts, we then recommend a plan of action that will help you reach your potential, utilizing the most effective and efficient combination of  media, sponsorships and other creative avenues for community exposure that will match your budget. We’re so thorough we almost become part of your staff, but without a learning curve, at a lower cost, and with less risk than hiring a new employee.


Can Spirit Media help us if we have corporate directives we must adhere to?


We have learned that there is a great need for local involvement in franchises, as well as in corporate or board-directed situations. We understand what can be accomplished and can explain it to authorities in ways that you cannot. We can fully maximize benefits from corporate resources by presenting justifiable arguments about your separate but consistent need for local promotion.


Does Spirit Media work with all media?


Yes, we can work with all media that will help you, since some media works better to generate certain results. But our world demands one consistent message with a planned multi-media campaign. We go way beyond traditional media – to establish dominant community presence and image-building in ways that many organizations do not even realize is possible. We provide valuable creative solutions to get the promotion that you need.  Please note that we also work beyond the media with events, facilities and most of all, people!


Does Spirit Media work with all companies?


We like people so we work with everyone.  But we cannot accept everyone as a new client.  We select clients who are integrity-based and service-oriented who really need our services and who will really allow us the creative freedom to make their organization successful.  We also limit our full-agency services to one client per business category so that client receives our most creative attention all the time.


What about Spirit Media’s partnerships?


We have negotiated special contracts to represent some of our community’s finest media, events, marketing organizations and facilities to create innovative and affordable opportunities to promote your organization! Spirit Media can especially offer access to tremendous and affordable promotional opportunities to impact families and young adults in local communities with our exclusive representation of major school districts.


How much will Spirit Media services cost?


Since every business has different needs, we have a variety of affordable plans. We can work as a traditional agency and charge a commission on ads we place for you – which is a cost partially offset by our negotiating and volume buying.  Or we can charge one flat fee for all services that we provide, so you know exactly what your cost is each month. Or we will design a custom plan that works for you but compensates Spirit Media fairly for the value we add to your business.  Finally, our one-billing option lets you remit one monthly budgeted amount to us, eliminating your need to verify and make multiple advertising payments to others!

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